Library of Hidden Knowledge


  • 9781582704210One Law

    Using spiritual experience to explain scientific principles, New Thought pioneer Henry Drummond’s provocative essays demonstrate the direct connection between spiritual law and natural law to introduce a worldview unbound by conventional thought.



  • as_we_thinkAs We Think, So We Are
    Millions have discovered the power of the Law of Attraction, but few know the true origins of this effective path to fulfillment. As We Think, So We Are takes readers to the source of these teachings—one of the first leaders of the New Thought movement—delving deeper in the ideas and theories that transformed the world at the turn of the century.


  • emmacoverSpiritual Science of Emma Curtis Hopkins

    Committed to educating and helping others, Emma Curtis Hopkins pres-ented her teachings in simple digestible lessons: six lessons focusing on personal and internal development, and six directed at the world around us. Together these twelve lessons offer a clear guide for living a healthy, prosperous life.


  • game_of_lifeThe New Game of Life and How to Play It

    New Thought leader Florence Scovel Shinn’s The Game of Life and How to Play It stands as one of the earliest and most accessible introduction to the Law of Attraction. Shinn adds a highly regarded, important female voice to the Library of Hidden Knowledge. This book deftly guides readers toward prosperity and fulfillment with advice on relationships, intuition, forgiveness, and more.


  • natural_abundanceNatural Abundance
    Using common sense, a love of nature, and his own particular genius, Ralph Waldo Emerson transcended the limitations of his day to express a higher perception of who we are and how the world gives us exactly what we request from it. Now, Ruth Miller uncovers these truths in Emerson’s work to explain how the world always responds to our thoughts, word, and actions, and what we can do to step into a life of greatness filled with abundant satisfaction and joy.


  • master_key_systemThe New Master Key System
    Originally created in 1912 by Charles F. Haanel as a weekly course, it has sold more than 200,000 copies since then. It has also been the motivation behind many enterprising individuals and has inspired future leaders to attune their thoughts to greatness. The Master Key System reveals that everything in the world we see around us was initiated by the creative energy of thoughts. Based on this principle, The Master Key System teaches us how to use the power of thought to realize our dreams.


  • new_science_of_getting_richThe New Science of Getting Rich
    Becoming rich is not a matter of environment or talents. Money and property come to people as a result of them doing things in a certain way. This is a natural law—the Law of Attraction—that specific actions always produce like effects. Written almost one hundred years ago, The Science of Getting Rich has been updated for the twenty-first century to include a modern version of the book’s lessons. Its vital message continues to emphasize that everyone has the ability to gain unlimited wealth—regardless of age, sex, education, class, or location.



Dive into wisdom and explore your spirituality with the Library of Hidden Knowledge.

You are invited to discover the original inspiration behind the most progressive spiritual teachers and leaders of our time through an exploration of spiritual thought, philosophy, and esoteric writings from the 19th and early 20th century.

The series offers you the opportunity to read the original texts along with the modern scholarly interpretations that bring new life and understanding to the content. New Thought minister, Rev. Ruth L. Miller, PhD, combines the original text with her own modern interpretations, connecting them to the present and helping readers forge their own path to fulfillment.

The Library of Hidden Knowledge grew from the inspiration to preserve and revitalize these original works that are either out of print, difficult to find, forgotten, or missing from the bookshelves of many of our neighborhood bookstores and public libraries. The Library of Hidden Knowledge will continue to expand into a resource for any spiritual seeker.

Explore, expand, discover your boundless horizon with the Library of Hidden Knowledge.

Praise for the Library of Hidden Knowledge

“New times require new telling’s of the timeless truths. Dr Ruth Miller translates the ageless wisdom of James Allen’s works for our age, losing nothing of the original while adding new insights.”

—Pamela Jaye Smith, CEO of Mythworks, author of Beyond the Hero’s Journey

”Dr. Miller has made James Allen’s three works one complete, clear, and ever-applicable message, with a premise that remains an essential truth. This is a major contribution toward correcting humanity’s ills.”

—Andree Cuenod, author of Awakening, A Journey of Enlightenment

“The book’s play of before and after, from original ways of thinking to today’s awareness, gave me proof that learning to manifest life choices isn’t a new game. The New Game of Life was an insightful way to measure my journey as growth.”

—Kat Cunningham, designer and intuitive author of Kat’s 9 Lives of Self-Discovery

“[It] is the quintessential text explaining in contemporary language the spiritual laws of abundance, attraction, and manifestation. For me, this book personifies the Living Word, a wonderful melding of teachings from teh Bible, the Koran, the Gita, and current-day New Thought spirituality.”

—J.C. Pedigo, author of Views from the Pew

“With integrity and soulful understanding, Ruth Miller has lived inside the great works of Emerson and translated his gems of insight into a language that speaks to life in the modern world.”

—Duane Elgin, author of Voluntary Simplicity and The Living Universe